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The season starts off with a refreshing blast of pastels that sweeps away greyness while opening a clean slate for color.

Luminosity (SPLASH), intensity (SUNLIGHT), softness of medium tones (SUBSTANCE), infusing and warming up the darks (BACKLIGHTING) and fruity and radiant (EXOTICISM)…the color palette runs the full range of expressions this season.

Darks recede under the flow of color, scattered within all ranges while also used for accents. Neutrals push forward in a radical vein, the short and synthetic array (ABSTRACTION) is designed to emphasize their structural role. Medium tones are richer and more sophisticated. Aquatic blues and vegetal greens (INFILTRATION) become like neutrals; the grounds for harmonies with all the other tones. Cold shades gain ground, under the influence of these, now essential tonalities. The warm shades and traditional feminine orange-pink palette infuse a new appeal and an element of surprise in unexpected areas; menswear, food etc. Bright tones return to the forefront, design yet subtle they illuminate the entire season.