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From daybreak to nightfall and spanning midday sunshine: the season opens on hushed transparent clear tones, unfolds with a bright neon flash and closes on inscrutable soothing dark shades. The strong need for pragmatism which favors colors that are easy to harmonize, clear hues (DAWN), organic beiges (ATHLETIC),  and darks (ENIGMA), pairs up with an urge for freedom, novelty, improbable and cheerful combinations (FREESTYLE, SIMPLE). Color is easier to understand and use: the family of multifaceted neutrals spreads to the soft nuances of the VARIATION range and even to yellow, a new, very luminous neutral. Exoticism runs through the season’s entire palette, lingering in the charms of SPELL. Flowery pinks replace greens to evoke nature.The extremes stand out: white is an essential tone this season, it is everywhere and goes with everything; black adds drama and becomes spectacular, even when minimalist.