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The season’s range is ever more sophisticated, addressing consumers now used to subtler or bolder palettes and color combinations.

The frontier between neutrals and colors is ever finer: intermediate tones are omnipresent. Even though each range evokes a specific mood, they can also play different roles and expand their options.

This permeability has unexpected effects: luxuriant exoticism and hybridization take a more sober and graphic turn (RADIANT, MIX), while modernity and simplicity, evolving in an opposite direction, are richer and more sensual (PRECIOUS, SWEETNESS).

After pastels, neons and brights, tangy tones now embody the essential upbeat and fresh summer mood (CANDID).

Preciousness is fundamental: in a delicate and complex vein, it updates pastels (PRECIOUS), and in a flashy and kitsch spirit, it perks up neutrals (MAJESTY).

Mock blacks, charred or cool: browns, already strong in winter 13-14, continue to expand in summer and diversify into a wider array of shades.

Pink is essential. Flattering and optimistic, it displays its many facets: basic, couture, naïve, floral, cosmetic (FILTERED)…

Lastly, white is everywhere: it refreshes, illuminates or infuses a graphic edge to all the ranges.