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Clear and neutral shades set the tone for a calm and luminous season (PRESENCE, POSE).
The softness that first emerged last summer is confirmed and expands with bleached or faded nuances (SWEET, RECREATION).
Subtle tones, that the eye lingers on and pays more attention to, are spreading.

The season is suffused with a minimal feel: usually synonymous with subtraction and paring, here it becomes richer with multiple surface effects and refi ned (POSE) or rustic (CONTRAST) textures.

Bright colors play a summery and playful role (SENSATION, RECREATION).When asserted, color refocuses on its essence, the warmth of reds (CONTRAST) and the freshness of blues (SEASCAPE).

Greens are updated via tangy and dynamic yellow-greens.

Muted yellows delicately deck the season in sunshine.

Dark shades add depth to the range, and discreetly dramatize it with backlit effects.