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"3D is an ideal technique to get closer to reality, and in the future, it will be used to create documentaries." While 3D seemed best suited to imaginary fantasies, this surprising claim by filmmaker Wim Wenders perfectly reflects a time when we are challenging conventional thinking and striving to go beyond the surface and appearance of things.

This means that a feeling of wonder can emanate from the world as we know it, that the tangible realm can be the source from which to rise and invent: the natural materiality in ELEVATION and our daily surroundings in SUPER-ORDINARY.  

At the same time, imaginary creations bring us closer to reality and sensuality: Deeper emotions in SENTIMENTAL SUBVERSION, and future visions of cities, travels and luxury in UNIVERSAL GLAMOUR.

Wavering convictions open the way to a new inventiveness; unafraid to explore further, challenging notions of good taste, defying economical restrictions or using them as a preferred source of creative inspiration.