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“Apocalypse not” proclaimed the September 2012 cover of Wired showing a photograph of an atomic mushroom mutating into a tree, an illustration of how it may be possible to convert the negative energy of end-of-the-world prophesies into positive and dynamic energy to build a better world for tomorrow.
Taking its cue from this upbeat symbol, the season has a decidedly optimistic and constructive feel. In a dynamic of discovery, exploration, and fabrication, each mood draws on, expands and reinvests in cultural and material riches.
The current of embellishing the everyday, in development over the past few seasons, permeates all moods and infuses sophistication and refinement to the industrial aesthetics of RECONSTRUCTION, to the kitsch and show-off styles of DISTINCTION, to the great cultural myths of LYRICAL, and to the pared simplicity of ENLIGHTENMENT.
This season is governed by the hand and the mind, united in the quest to find, create, enhance.