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Previous seasons welcomed the comeback of minimalism (in AWAKENING and AESTHETE). Whereas this winter signals the return of a richer, more ornamental and generous spirit.

The quest for authenticity, which had recently focused on the industrial and peasant realms, centering on workwear, is now evolving towards a more urban feel, one story is nestled in bourgeois interiors, the other is more open to the outside and has a street vibe. MAIN STREET, which follows up on last summer’s AMUSEMENT and represents the popular and everyday facet of the season, integrates an element of surprise by adopting a minimal spirit after years of bling and excess. OBSESSIONS dreams of a luxurious everyday in which a measure of leisure and comfort is seen as a way to express one’s freedom of thought as well as artistic and creative inclinations.

The two other stories focus on vision and imagination: EXTREME involves bold aesthetic explorations into natural phenomena, and can have a disturbing effect. As for MAGNIFICENT, its grandiose vision is inspired by bygone imperial civilizations.