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The overall context continues to be marked by  the global crisis. Up till now, it has prompted the need for reassurance, pragmatism, and “reasonable” solutions, but this season, on the contrary, it is generating a strong desire for novelty, including  taking a bolder outlook and (re)starting from scratch.

PROJECTION is the most emblematic of this shift: though it studies the past, it is with the goal of  removing all references and achieving a form  of universal stylization; when it looks to the future, it is to explore unknown territories. Influenced by this irresistible rush of fresh air, the continuing currents also adopt bolder and more surprising moves:

In NATURA, sustainability turns into a form of sensual hedonism through the unexpected brush of radical modernism with the natural elements.

The everyday, under the spell of A TOUCH OF GRACE, changes its coloring and lightens up to become the concrete and immediate embodiment of our utopias.

FRENETIC mixes references without any predetermined or preconceived order and shakes up hybrid trends.