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The aftermath of the crisis continues to generate strong topics and issues that impact consumer spending.

Two directions meet on the common ground of "pleasure":

  • FATAL ATTRACTION : a revival of austerity is spotted as developed countries experience an urge for radical Epicureanism; an urge of instant satisfaction
  • SOFT ALTERNATIVE : an appeal of a gentler and more sustainable hedonism inspired by the treasures of a peasant world in its disappearance

Two directions center on the notion of a creative high-energy reaction; a call for change and a form of rebellion against traditional institutions and their incapability of resolving the crisis.

  • NEW EDGE : a rehabilitation of the notion of modernity as a new starting point, capable of inspiring dreams and envisioning new worlds
  • ASPHALT JUNGLE : a rediscovery of primitive pulsations and a form of primal savagery that is reviving the notions of resistance and endurance

In all cases, this season is marked by a caustic lucidity that is visible in all currents. There are no naïve or simplistic solutions, and even the most tranquil waters are tainted by reality or the imaginary…