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Natural catastrophes and political révolutions have had a strong impact on recent current events. They have deeply affected ways of life and consumer trends, absolutely essential needs as well as superfluous cravings. As a result, the season is strongly driven by basic everyday necessities, a compelling form of pragmatism, characterized, among other things, by the importance of sports influences. They are expressed either by an urge for a laid back and free spirit in all fields (EASY GOING), or by a yearning for simple, quality design for everyday, ingeniousness

for everyone (HIGH FUNCTION). Suffused in a real or imaginary exoticism, the season also addresses unfathomable desires and fears, intense emotions, picking up on universal myths or on specific cultural folklore to explore the imaginary worlds they summon. These translate into either precious sentimental melancholy (IDYLLIC) or dark and magical radicalism (MAGNETIC).