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The austerity imposed by the crisis has generated a current of pragmatism, even sobriety, which has had a strong influence, on the past two seasons. The crisis continues, but the creative and imaginative energy it had obstinately channeled is bursting at the seams and shattering the call for moderation. New dynamics are needed, both to cope with the current situation and to find solutions to escape it: they are leading to and inspiring new aesthetics, which are either volatile and unexpected (PSYCHE, EXPLOSIVE) or discreetly singular (SUBLIMED, INTERSECTIONS).

Liberty is this season’s leitmotiv: freeing oneself from preconceptions, traditional values and constraints is seen as a way to explore novel optimistic and constructive options.

Single-minded pragmatism and simplicity no longer prevail: embellishment and enrichment are fundamental creative drives for the new season.

Everything is increasingly mixed together: genres and periods (EXPLOSIVE), styles and origins (INTERSECTIONS), the everyday and the upscale (SUBLIMED), exoticism and extravagance (PSYCHE), hybridization remains a key element of creativity.

The interplay of these many influences leads to an inspiring, delirious and whirlwind melting pot of references that, in a time in which the imaginary plays a key role, explores diverse aesthetic territories.