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In the follow-up to Summer 2019, the FW 19-20 Kids book taps into the style segments of the children’s market and their development over the seasons, inspired and enriched by the stories in the Inspirations book.

The key ideas of the season:

  • In RURAL VISIONARY, a new desire for the countryside is expressed in our softer, generous streetwear (GREEN FACTORY).
  • The phantasmagorical city of FUTUROPOLIS becomes the adventure playground for futuristic little sailors (ALPHA WORLD).
  • The eclectic and recycling vibe “à la Vêtements” of DAILY CREATIVITY is now more entertaining and charming in DAILY POMP.
  • The exoticism, DIY and ethnic references in REFRESHED FOLKLORE continue to inspire decoration, embroidery and patterns to update the bohemian (FOLK REBOOT) and campus spirit (GAME CULTURE).