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This profoundly optimistic and cheerful season is driven by benevolence. Benevolence with regards to oneself with the spread of mindfulness and the desire for intense emotional experiences.

Benevolence towards nature and our ecosystem, in which humans no longer dominate all living species but are a part of a larger ecosphere, following the tenets of ecosophy. The essentialist current evolves to embrace a happier and more colorful form of frugality.

A new vitality can also be seen in the revival of the glamour, exuberance and creative boldness of the 1990s. Meanwhile, the notion of heritage remains important for its connection with traditional values and crafts that are now given an ultra-contemporary edge.

The quest for authenticity, exhibited by the pragmatic-minded generation Z again favors strong values beyond their image concerns and their test for provocation: focusing on commitment, action and expertise.