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By looking at all techniques, we can add an ornamental, decorative added value to soft or hard surfaces and materials.
Decors are vital since they personalize, give character and create texture or sharpness for all types of areas and products as well as whatever we would like them to express.
They can move us, surprise us, reassure us, jolt us, go outside their context or return to it … and the decors which attract or excite us often mirror who we are and the society we live in.
From figurative to abstract, from graceful to subversive, from handmade to laser-cut, from traditional to experimental and in micro or maxi, multicolored or black-and-white, silent or noisy, charming or trendy-hipster, chic or arty-crazy…
Let’s renew the decor, change the decor, go « behind the scenes » of decor, make our bodies part of the decor… This new trend book shows decor in all its splendor … and the splendor of all decors !

To discover in our CD of exclusive Peclers Paris creations.