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The Winter 13-14 season is characterized by boldness and experimentation. Creative attitudes that demonstrate the desire to move forward once more.

3 key points this season:

1. Fewer vintage inspirations from the past, wiping the slate clean to look into the future more successfully:

• Avoid the superfluous, go back to essential shapes and well thought out details.
• Innovate with high-performance, smart, plump yet featherweight, efficient, protective, aesthetic and functional materials, that stand the test of new climate constraints.
• Fashion novel, comfortable yet highperformance shapes, better adapted to children’s everyday lives.

2. Play with material, offer bold combinations to liven up the wardrobe. Like a construction set, opposites attract and complement each other: rugged and fragile, rich and sleek as well as textured and smooth, natural and technical…

3. Finally, from exuberant winter Hawaiian patterns to naive illustrations, stylize prints to update decoration.