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The three key ideas for Winter 2013-14 are as follows:

1. Shapes are pushed to extremes more than ever. Conventional lines are rejected in favor of stylized curves in order to give wardrobes greater creativity. The contours and lines of sleek products are favored by taking inspiration from streamlined, Mugler-style, eighties silhouettes or fifties couture shapes. Shoulders are wider, the waist is cinched and hips are rounded. Materials are even thicker and rounder than for Winter 2012-13 in order to give products maximum solidity.

2. A flurry of decoration emerges as the new stylishness, challenging the good taste established over the past years. We seek to get away from the ordinary through an excess of vibrant decoration and unashamed visual combinations. Fabrics are sumptuous, with opulent luxury, and colors are spiced up by summery accents. The word kitsch is used with no taboos, designing a confidently exuberant femininity.

3. The quest for everyday simplicity, a more understated yet classy style. The term Casual is brought up to date. It is influenced by a sporty but nonetheless modernist look, enhanced by ennobled materials.