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Titled “Navigating Complexity”, FUTUR(s) 16, emphasized our deep need to shape our own path in order to define, live and engage ourselves in an ever more complex environment. Far from engendering a simpler world, recent political, social and economic events have considerably scrambled our bearings.

In this context, the necessity to give more meaning to our lives, commitments, actions and identities is compelling us to STEP OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONE.

The quest for identity is letting go of “total control”, giving free rein to desires and instincts, while men redefine masculinity by accepting their vulnerability and sensitivity. The delicate exploration of one’s intimacy, from childhood worlds to its darker facets, leads to a greater sense of well-being rooted in self-regeneration, empathy and a sensual form of hedonism.

Between utopia and pragmatism, collaborative business models are reshaping work, consumerism and innovation as much as they are fostering agility, flexibility and social bonds. Thinking bravely outside the box helps to pursue the necessary cultural decolonization while also encouraging hybridization and pluralism, thus heralding a new sense of togetherness.

Alarmed by the many threats currently looming over the environment, individuals are ready to double down on their efforts to preserve Nature and even welcome an augmented Nature, at the cutting-edge of science and life.

In today’s full-fledged “entertainment society”, constant emotional overload fuels the fascination for immersive experiences that can be either super intense or more authentic and unexpected. However, the supremacy of feelings and subjectivity feed the aspiration for the return of reason and common sense, as they alone can restore confidence in brands and in those who govern us.

Finally, progress in the emotionalization and personalization of technology and hope fueled by space exploration open up a big leap into the unknown… an alien realm that reminds us that humanity as a whole needs to push beyond its comfort zone.