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Explore new directions. And get off the beaten track!

The world around us seems to be on the verge of becoming absurd, the daily news is increasingly alarmist, everything is getting out of hand… This overall impression is starting to sink in, leaving us with the feeling that no matter what we do, we can’t change the direction the world is taking.

To combat this fatalism, our focus is on positive, active and engaged thoughts.

The threats that weigh upon our environment and on biodiversity amplify our need to get closer to Nature. Interaction between urban and rural environments has become a necessity. It’s time to get out of town! We feel the need to differentiate ourselves by embracing alternatives to standardization.

With an artist’s eye, we reinject an element of surprise, no matter how trivial, into daily life, by noticing its poetry. Letting ourselves be guided by our emotions and dreams, even our darker ones, allows us to imagine a fascinatingly immersive tomorrow. We celebrate a strong attachment to our identity without destroying the values that underpin our human community. Roots and traditions are modernized with optimism. This season encourages us to let our desires and our instincts express themselves and to look for new ways to preserve and soothe our world.