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"Our stories will take you on a journey to fictional worlds."

The title of this book has changed to bring a special focus to this ambition. To bring these stories to life, we free our instincts. Because they are visceral, because they make us tick, because they drive us to express our essential, spontaneous desires, with no control, because “it’s what you feel that matters” … they are the most intense way to fill creation with uniqueness and meaning.

A hedonistic life instinct threads throughout this season’s stories, driving us to embark on a quest for osmosis with the elements to reveal the light within ourselves; to avow the power of love to live in harmony; to build a new foundation to insure our survival; to indulge in humor and lightness to free ourselves from conventions. Another, wilder instinct reveals the darker impulses of human nature. We play with fire but we transcend this darkness thanks to the art of staging. These two contradictory instincts balance each other out. And it is from the tension between the beautiful and the raw that inspiration is born.