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Digital product (download)

For the second season, PeclersParis has selected and brought together in this new digital product all the Men’s and Women’s accessories, now enriched by the Pulse Generation and Kids’ accessories as well.

For shapes: massive volumes continue, a follow-up to Spring-Summer 2013, now more pulpy, curvy and protuberant.

At the same time, the arrival of sharp shapes with pointy heels or toes creates a slim, aerodynamic look.

The strong influence of sneakers and urban mobility is translated in classic/sport hybrids which inspire leather construction techniques that appear cemented or molded.

As for materials, the two key points are:
- a search for a rugged, sturdy nature: tortoiseshell, wood, wild furs,
- the use of all metal colors: gold, copper, silver, mercury and metal effects: faceted, grainy or beaded.

A kitsch touch is accented by chemical rainbow or neon effects, cristals and cabochons…

Finally, the season’s must-have look: high-voltage accessories create a shocking contrast on easy silhouettes!