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This season, the trend book is changing with:
- a refocusing on the Casual world with 4 distinct style segments,
- a rise in the age range from 5 to 12 years old,
- the working of the stories for girls and then boys,
- the grouping together of the sketches at the end of each story in the form of essentials.

This optimistic season is characterized by a less minimal and more sensuous modernity, and two main themes become apparent.

The notion of commitment can be found in WAKE UP which displays a desire for gentle paring down, as well as in RECONSTRUCTION which marks the arrival of a graphic neo-industrial aesthetic based on redesigning reassuring workwear clothes.

The other major theme is creativity and imagination: SLAVIC TALES expresses a need to put magic back into daily life and draw from the folk romanticism of Eastern European cultures. The REMAKE story opts for subverting emblematic products by giving them a more contemporary twist.