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This season is deeply influenced by a minimal direction with attention paid to simple products, designs in beautiful fabrics and attention to perfect proportions.

There is a general calming down that is expressed in natural colors and blues. Going back to the roots of workwear and casualwear, we continue to look into the history of denim and the authentic.

More than ever, denim is a must, especially for the little ones who are starting to dress themselves. Featured in bluish monochromes, from the rawest to the most faded, denim innovates with a green hue, dipped into a chlorophyll bath. It ventures even more towards its origins without neglecting 80`s fashion.

The freshness of clean-cuts rediscovers a taste of happy summer vacations while upbeat accent colors electrify neutrals and darks.

We see a definite taste for exuberance in new camouflage and accumulated decorations and finishings, with no apparent hierarchy which pushed for free expression and eclectic references. Like a reaction, new sleek two-tones are given geometric, paired-down and structured treatments.

The charm of tender and retro motifs is reinvented while textures call for creativity. Make way for effects, tactile hands and noble materiality. Vintage, ethno styles and classics are playfully reinvented with communicative humour.

Summer 2012 embarks on a mix of modernity and good vibrations!