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With a pragmatic and more efficient approach in mind, the Summer 19 season is based on a global reflection on the development of the children’s wear market. We have identified six style segments, which are linked to the four stories of the Summer 19 Inspirations book.

MASTERCLASSconnected to the Moder with a cause story
Preppy style is creased, hybrid, relaxed. It becomes more surprising and lively, closer to street looks.  

HEAVENLY FLIGHT Earthly Escapade and No Filter
Cute style is refreshed, subtly inspired by women’s fashion and draws its imaginary world from fantasy nature.  

GOOD VIBESSplendor andDisorder
Bohemian style is modernizes, folk references are tones down for a bold and arty casual edge.

ODYSSEY TRIP Moder with a Cause and Earthly Escapade
The nautical vibe moves away from authenticity to explore the new shapes and unexpected combinations.

CHILLING IN THE STREETModern with a cause and Earthly Escapade
Less tech, more sensory, streetwear is softer and more supple with a lounge and workwear influence.

POOL PARTY Splendor and Disorder
Focus on show-off jeanswear channeling with the 90s. More experimental shapes and exuberant decoration update exotic looks.