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For Fall Winter 12-13 the knitwear book definitively takes cut and sew on board.
As well as T-shirts and sweatshirts, cut and sew is enriched by a whole wardrobe in circular or flat knit, made up like woven fabric.
Knit no longer means simply sweaters but also dresses, skirts, pants, jumpsuits, jackets, coats… right through to the underwear spirit.

The leading trends for Fall Winter 12-13 are as follows:

  • Authentics and classics continue to forge ahead and become more colorful and graphic in a tribute to everyday style influenced by the street attitude (SUPER-ORDINARY story).
  • Romanticism is modernized in cleaner shapes and more stylish and polished femininity under a sixties influence (SENTIMENTAL SUBVERSION story)
  • The chic glam attitude continues to be developed (UNIVERSAL GLAMOUR story).
  • Newer: the appearance of a fresh restraint, a certain minimalism with pared-down lines (ELEVATION story).