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The Knitwear and T-shirt book is moving forward; in order to be more pragmatic and deliver more precise and concrete solutions, it is being organized in a different way.

We have developed the essential product options with the color ranges, details, decoration or materials that characterize them.

The season’s key decorative treatments are grouped together in a new section which teams knit with stitchwork, stripes and jacquard, and cut and sew with prints and decoration.

The key points for Spring-Summer 2013 are as follows:

- The influence of sport can be felt with materials that are more technical and synthetic as well as more structured, ergonomic products with “athletic” seaming, always treated in a feminine, even downright glamorous spirit!

- An easy attitude, a new simplicity that is featured with either classic-look materials, or deceptively basic products favoring an exploration of design or new proportions for a softer and more feminine minimalism.

- Femininity that moves toward lighter, more supple materials, draped, fluid shapes, along with softer, subtly blanched or lightened colors.