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After several seasons that answered our need for reassurance by finding pragmatic approaches and rational solutions, Winter 13-14 marks a bold turning point in the context of today’s economic crisis: experiment, innovate, surprise, reroute, etc. A whole range of creative stances that testify to the desire to move forward again. 

- In the PROJECTION story, the need to start over from scratch is expressed by exploring uncharted territory: unusual shapes, materials and product benefits, imbued with visionary enchantment, in a trend towards an innovative, dreamlike, elementary futurism. 

- In NATURA, we reinvent the sustainable aesthetic, more sensual and more modern at the same time, en route to a natural, hedonistic neo-classicism.

- In a more humble vein, the A TOUCH OF GRACE story reveals the desire to embellish everyday life: recolored and gently surprising, it becomes softer, more poetic and soothing.

- Finally, in FRENETIC, the energy of renewal is released in a new mixing of styles and periods. Rich, explosive visual shocks that mark the birth of a new aesthetic.