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After two seasons guided mainly by a search for pragmatism and functionality imposed by the economic crisis, the keynote of Summer 2014 will be the spirited comeback of fantasy. It will express itself in an extreme richness of surface effects and an abundance of patterns.

In the first two basic stories, INTERSECTIONS and SUBLIMED, the richness is manifested in a streamlined, controlled way:
- sophisticated embellishment and design refinement in the SUBLIMED story;
- a profusion of ethnic graphics through a modern filter in the INTERSECTIONS story.

The two splashy stories, PSYCHE and EXPLOSIVE, testify to a more ephemeral desire for exuberance inspired by “fast fashion”:
- in the PSYCHE story, uninhibited fantasy shows off in jubilatory combinations of colorful patterns;
- in the EXPLOSIVE story, the richness comes out in visual vibrations from a blend of pop and luxury codes and special effects that give surfaces a magical, spectacular dimension.