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After 2 seasons marked by moderation as well as a strong need for pragmatism imposed by recession, summer 2014 will be characterized by imagination and creative energy, from sophisticated discretion to exuberant richness.

The SUBLIMED story offers a modern and poetic expression of the nostalgic trend, taking inspiration from traditional elegance crossed with the techniques of today.

PSYCHE marks not only the return of fantasy but also the tailing off of the preppy influence in favor of a more seventies dandy style, teaming chic with eccentricity.

The INTERSECTIONS story is in line with ecoaware trends. Il embodies a decidedly sleek, modern view of cross-cultural blends.

EXPLOSIVE demonstrates a desire for easier and more direct appeal that is both glam and manly, inspired by the great mythical figures that formed the models of masculinity.

Lastly, when it comes to structure, we have enriched our market approach this season by offering a forward-looking take on the 4 segments that matter today (SMART, URBAN, UPPER CASUAL and CASUAL), setting out their development since the previous summer.