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This season, we have decided to stamp our book with two major changes responding to numerous questions arising from the ever more complex development of the men’s wear market :

  • “Men’s portraits” illustrate and interpret men’s aspirations, attitudes and lifestyles, for a better approach to an increasingly multifaceted personality.
  • Richer double-page spreads, with stronger product options.


This season is characterized by two leading movements :

  • On the one hand, the need to put meaning back into clothing. Either by the rediscovery and readaptation of authentic workwear from near or far that connects with origins and inspires the imagination, or in the desire to rediscover a practical meaning: favor functionality, pragmatism and performance for clothing more appropriate for increasingly mobile active urban lifestyles.
  • On the other hand, ever more assertive relaxation: loose comfort is displayed in  casualwear, and comes into play for the suit and city wardrobe, towards a new form of more nonchalant and casual elegance.