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The summer 2015 season is marked by 3 key points:

First of all, it demonstrates a great need for relaxation, illustrated in different ways, according to segment:
- The return of mix and mismatch in the SMART segment.
- The “casualizing” of the URBAN segment, which focuses on comfort, looser shapes and a relaxed attitude.
- The reduction in the workwe in favor of leisure sports references in the CASUAL segment.

Second point, continuing from Winter 14-15, the references that inspire the summer wardrobe are less and less ostentatious:
- The EPICUREAN story draws from the authenticity and modesty of Mediterranean traditions.
- The AMUSEMENT story is inspired by popular clichés and standards which are subverted with a well-controlled touch of humor and fantasy.

Finally, the important influence of sport and well-being inspires work on new functionalities:
- In a slow and sleek version in the EQUILIBRIUM story.
- In a hyper and high-tech version in the IMPULSE story.