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Casual remains essential while, at the same time, the menswear universe is clearly recentering on urban looks. This confirms the rapid evolution of a market open to trends in the image of a masculine, urban generation that has integrated the codes of tailoring and well-being.

The rise of new classics reworked with creativity and modernity is seen in the emergence of new consumers who creatively appropriate suit codes and beautiful workmanship.

A desire for elegance and modernity imposes itself: casual has softened status codes and evolved the traditional wardrobe to focus on neo-classical pieces with a higher level of fashion and more aspirational, stylistic touches.

It is important to note the influence of top names in men’s fashion as well as a new generation of designers selected by iconic menswear labels to reposition them in uncharted, creative territories. Thus the familiar elements of “suit” elegance are redistributed to offer a refreshing appeal with new volumes or urban, outdoor, authentic codes and rough visuals while sport and ethnic influences hybrid in an elegant intermingling of cultures.