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“And what if we reinvented codes?”

More than ever, we no longer know how to define the universe of men’s fashion… urban, casual, leisure, formal?
The arrival of designers from the streetwear universe as heads of luxury houses such as Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton confirms this mutation and profoundly gives a jolt to the up-tonow established codes!
Areas of creative freedom are opening up, young designers and established companies free themselves from standards to create a freer, more personal, committed and assertive fashion in their own way.
So is this men’s fashion today?

Keeping this in mind, we approach the season with optimism! Freedom is the new catchword in both attitudes and silhouettes! Freedom to be ourselves and freedom of movement.
We rethink the urban universe in a cool way without restrictions or inhibitions…
We free ourselves from constraints and imagine a new masculinity that is at once sensual, virile and feminine, we banish protocol and abandon our prejudices.