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In the SUPER-ORDINARY theme, the everyday enchants us. We avoid tradition and enrich free associations; we move into action and we dare to think about the future. RAW INSTINCT is about a return to the essence of being; we meditate to be in direct contact with nature and we long to be in a comprehensive state. SENTIMENTAL SUBVERSION shows a clear return to emotions and is inspired by the bizarre atmospheres in the films "Black Swan" or "Kaboom", where the characters seem obstinate in their refusal to grow up. Finally, the flamboyant GLAMOUR INTERNATIONAL invites us to a fantastic world of video games, 70’s fans and underground parties with inspirations drawn from icons such as David Bowie or Ali McGraw.

NEW in the trend book :

  • A sports/active double-page in each theme.
  • The new Shopping Experience section, an idea box with proposals to enrich boutique decors and decorations.