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After numerous seasons which, faced with the economic crisis, answered a need for reassurance and a search for reasoned practicality, Winter 13-14 marks a daring turn-around: we rework, experiment and innovate… creative positions that show our desire to move forward.

Typical of this impulse, the PROJECTION theme, nourished by fantasies revolving around recent, outer-space discoveries, opts for an elementary futurism tinged with visionary magic. Clothes can be casual and urban or futurist and rock.

The NATURA theme draws inspiration from natural riches and modern, graphic, domestic touches for casual or outdoor looks.

In A TOUCH OF GRACE, the everyday softens in easy colors and comfortable, mellow fabrics which appeal to the fashion and authentic casual markets.

The FRENETIC theme plays up illogical blends with no hang-ups. They jolt and shift streetwear, urban classics and the entire fashion industry.