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Commitment, implication, inventiveness and creativity… This season, the Pulse Generation transforms the negative energy often felt in our world of crises into positive impulses.

Two themes are placed under the sign of commitment:

- Inspired by the practical optimism of Detroit “do-ers”, the RECONSTRUCTION theme takes the initiative to rebuild and upcycle the world, signaling the arrival of a new industrial, graphic, design esthetic.

- The WAKE UP theme represents a break with bling and the ephemeral, a desire to tone down the game and opt for beneficial Slowear, at the crossroads of technology, design and nature.

The other two themes translate new forms of creativity:

- Thanks to a strong temperament, the CHARACTERS theme plays the card, of masculine/feminine ambiguity and subversive irony inspired by the 70’s and 80’s - to stand out from the crowd.

- In another era and on a different trip, the LYRICAL theme translates a desire for re-enchantment. It imposes rock fantasies, taking inspiration from Slavic sensibilities and a kitsch, fairytale romanticism.