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“Do you feel alive ?”
“Do you love what you do ?”

We ask ourselves these existential questions for a Summer under the sign of hedonism. The next generation reects on the physical experiences of reality, the self, others and the world.

Cool, stylized, under an aquatic inuence, AESTHETE is based on the concepts of Le Corbusier. We seek to balance shapes in harmonic proportions. Design pays attention to well-being!

AMUSEMENT pushes our quest for pleasure to the extreme with sharp irony. An agitated, grating version of pop fantasies.

In EPICURIAN, we are at one with our environment: an invitation to cultivate urban spaces with happenings, or a new way to travel through social networks.

IMPULSE emphasizes physical performance like street workouts in an urban environment or the surf culture with amazing trips into an extreme, wild nature.