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The PULSE trendbook continues to use the same graphic layout as last season. Its four initial themes are the same as those in the INSPIRATIONS trendbook, now re-adapted and personalized for Juniors.

We start the book with ASPHALT JUNGLE, an urban, rich and extremely colorful theme with lots of details. In this exotic mix of the rock trend we discover how to use key rock pieces from the motocycle jacket to the army jacket. Surfing the streetwear trend, the theme's icons are street artists from the 80's.

NEW EDGE turns everything off with a feeling of walking barefoot in the desert. Here, there is a need of isolation and getting back to the rural source of nature. We explore the classic casual pieces: safari jackets and sweaters.

The neo-classicism of the FATAL ATTRACTION theme keeps evolving. The new preppies wear electric colors and there is a slight shift to where the “new bourgeois” outfits get a jolt of color.

As a result of overbearing Web access, endless communication opportunities and virtual meetings, we see a new "pulse generation". They have a nostalgic view of the past, adores vintage, have “real” live friends and opts for quality and durability…which becomes the foundation of the SOFT ALTERNATIVE theme.