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Discover our key points further to Women’s fashion parades this summer 13!

- The 12 new fashion stories giving a complete and synthetic vision of the leading styles : cute strictness, sexy power, decoratives, heavy couture, zen elegance, 60’s graphics, minimal freshness, 70’s jet set, chic workwear, dolce vita, “come as you are”, delicate aristocrats.

- The 6 must have color moods: whites, khakis and olives, mandarin oranges, earth tones, ink tones and intense colors.

- The 11 fabrics and key prints: stick stripes, Memphis African prints, black and white flowers, scarf prints, stiff cotton, rustics, brocades, heavy satins, perforations, compact double fabrics, and virtual reflections.

- The 31 key  products : the new ensemble, the new pieces with sleeves (the fun parka, summer bomber jackets, the maxi trench coat…), the 7 new tops (bustier, twirling top, short and stiff top…), the 6 pieces with legs, the 5 skirts and the 7 dresses.

- Details creating surprise and renewing your products: cut-outs, patchworks, couture details, surprising backs, placed embroideries.

- And finally essential accessories: slender, masculine, precious comfort, minimal, geometric blocks, fauvist, braids and weaves, gladiator sandals, the little box bag, satin reflections, the plexiglass touch.