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The newest key points for Winter 12-13 are two key values that give an ethical sensibility to fashion:

  • The anti-showiness and sober elegance of the ELEVATION theme
  • A praise to reality in the SUPER-ORDINARY theme with its anti-conformist interpretation of the everyday

2 new attitudes appear:

  • A flirtatiousness inspired by a digital aesthetic with an artificial look and design in the SENTIMENTAL SUBVERSION theme
  • An “arty”, inventive, composite attitude

What continues, a follow-up to last season’s Fatal Attraction theme, is the voluptuous super-femininity and dreamy opulence developed in UNIVERSAL GLAMOUR.

In most themes, we refer to an assertive, energetic, practical "working girl" who mixes a 100% urban wardrobe with classic bases (classic, last winter’s essential value, infiltrates this season in all themes) that have utilitarian, streamlined, protective sportswear touches.

The word of order this season: an obsession with materials. We like their thickness and density - whether smooth, animal-like or technical - to be sculpted in volume, super-constructed or supply wrapped.