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The two key points this season are :

1. A validation of ready-to-wear: we try to give it the maximum amount of substance.
We design assertive, protective shapes, defining them - more than ever - as precisely as possible with words such as “bold”, “streamlined”, “built-up” or “rounded”. These volumes are contrasted and dynamized by slender, refined elements to create an energy influenced by sports and the street.
They add value to familiar shapes from the classic wardrobe, resulting in innovative shapes with a futurist appeal. Thick, compact and mellow materials are enriched by qualities with a technical, natural or couture origin.
To emphasize a 3-D effect, they are often mixed in a single garment.

2. A move away from conventional good taste, the classicism that typified the end of the 2000 decade. Again this season, novelty is reinforced, the sign of an increasingly expressive, unfettered creativity which uses flashy luxury to remedy the crisis.
Let’s be extravagant!
We dare to use kitsch… it shakes up ready-to-wear with panache. This winter, we take inspiration from sumptuous patterns, summer flamboyance, saturated colors and the bizarre flirtiness of certain vintage eras.