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The two key ideas for Winter 14-15 are:

More simplicity
Clothes return to their original, utilitarian function: protection.

1. The streetwear influence is accentuated: practicality and function are reproportioned and designed with an eye for flair and elegance.
2. Materials take precedence, especially when they’re soft! Wool, fur and down keep us warm.
3. Neutral, easy-to-wear colors are used in total looks to uniformize the silhouette.

More freshness
To brighten up and lighten up Winter!

1. As an alternative to neutrals, sun-drenched, savory, voluptuous colors turn their noses up at drabness.
2. Short volumes for tops and other geometric shapes are piled on and fitted together.
3. Inspirations are often rid of their baroque or retro overtones: we emphasize modernity and if we do use references to the past, we choose them for their timelessness.