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For Spring-Summer 2014, the 3 fundamental ideas are:

- The emergence of a more relaxed attitude: we want to slip easily into the everyday situations of business trips, voyages or work. To meet these needs, you will discover supple, functional wardrobes with well-thought-out, elegant designs.

- The influence of the Haute Couture style during its renewal period in the 50’s is confirmed. Shapes are precisely defined and follow the body’s morphology. Silhouettes are darted, slashed or undulating, sculpted or puffy. This approach is not only seen in dressy wardrobes: we show easy translations for the everyday!

- There is a quest for modern strictness with mix & match. We have designed new, coordinated, total-look outfits with the idea of simplifying to create a strong, clear impact.

We can summarize this season by the following paradox: sophisticated simplicity.