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The season’s base is made up of:

-A reassuring sensuality.
We seek the pleasure of wonderful things in EPICUREAN, a more carnal follow-up to the SUBLIMED theme of Summer 2014. Here, ideas of pleasure and gourmet treats unfurl in unctuous fabrics with textured or embroidered reliefs, generous, low-cut necklines and luscious, puffy shapes.

- Sporty, chic or powerful inuences: in each theme, inspirational photos suggest movement. We take the suppleness of yoga, the gracefulness of dance, the elegance of tennis, the go-everywhere comfort of hiking and the energy of combat sports. In IMPULSE and AESTHETE, iconic pieces from all these activities and athletic jerseys that girdle the body or lengthen the silhouette are fundamental.

The season’s 3 newest points are:
1. Experimental denim worked in asymmetrics (AESTHETE).
2. Edgy shifts and grating artistic touches (AMUSEMENT).
3. Cute, girlie, childish, playful “kawaii” looks (AMUSEMENT) continue a modern, massive, couture mood.