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FALL 2013

Digital product (download)

The Cool Cats story gives masculine looks a twist by enriching them with a 50’s influenced graphic world. It is a follow-up to the Super-Ordinary story of winter 12-13.

Late Bloom opts for a romantic and sleek fall with couture references and a floral color range. It features the delicate spirit of A touch of grace, but with a more modern basis.

Toy Soldier focuses on outerwear as the creative showcase of the season. With historical and couture influences, this is a darker and less naïve interpretation of the 60’s aspect in A touch of grace.

Slow Time provides a sequel to pastels and sportswear for early season. The alliance between comfort and femininity echoes the more workwear side of A touch of grace.

Pretty Boy offers a commercial interpretation of the trend for geometric prints very present in the fashion shows. This novelty story is however based on a preppy and British wardrobe. It shows a more androgynous version of the rich motifs in the Frenetic story.

Lastly, East Meets West prolongs the idea of softened classics in the Universal Glamour story for winter 12-13. It flirts with orientalism and favors sensuous materials.