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FALL 2012

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In Shape outlines an urban wardrobe with a sport and classic mix.  It is a more everyday  development of the  athletic and sexy aspect of the Peclers Paris Winter 12-13 story, Universal Glamour.
Out of Nowhere provides a follow-up to folk influences, making them stranger and more grungy.  This “outsider” story  allows an approach to a micro trend that does not appear in our Winter 12-13 Women’s Fashion book.
Opulence highlights an elegant and comfortable classicism.  This is the same woman as in the Peclers Paris Winter 12-13 Universal Glamour story, but with a focus on a masculine wardrobe.
Mods & Rockers combines a boyish British look and vintage glamour, this is a more pretty and rock’n’roll interpretation of the the Peclers Paris Winter 12-13 Super-Ordinary story.
In Serenity we aspire to a minimalist and sensuous wardrobe.  It is an early season version, in a light color range and silky fabrics, of the Peclers Paris Winter 12-13 Elevation story.
Last of all, Witchcraft provides clues to a twilit, mysterious and romantic glamour.  It is a more 90’s take on the floaty femininity in the Peclers Paris Winter 12-13 story, Sentimental Subversion.