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FALL 2014

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Landscape is the calmest and most casual story in this issue. It updates tried and true classic shapes with Japanese-style fabrics and patterns and takes an autumnal look ahead to the Japanese inspirations of the spring-summer 2015 season.

Code Navy is a fairly pragmatic story relating to the return to a minimal uniform-inspired wardrobe. It is a more glam yet minimal version of the “Almost prudish” aspect of the Lyrical trend for Winter 2014-15.

In The Muse the "couture" theme of previous seasons is continued but with a more relaxed look and a softer color range. It is a cooler interpretation of the “Couture freshness” aspect of the Lyrical trend for Winter 2014-15.

The Outsider story updates preppy style through more extreme shapes, touches of deconstructed romanticism and bolder graphics. It is a more street-inspired take on the graphic side of the Reconstruction trend for Winter 2014-15.

Comfort Zone is a story of oversize classics influenced by grungy loose shapes. It features the luxurious and mellow vibe of the Wake up trend for Winter 2014-15 but with a more layered look and more masculine accessories.

Finally, Macao provides a follow-up to the precious and jeweled side of the previous winter’s Frenetic trend but with a range of dark colors and Asian influences. It features the femme fatale appeal of the Characters trend for Winter 2014-15 but with an extra touch of fantasy.