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Following a winter warmly wrapped up and strongly influenced by casualwear, it is time for a change with color, print and glamor for spring.

In Josephine, exotic clichés are played with in order to outline a fun and optimistic story. This is a less dramatic and smarter interpretation of the Asphalt Jungle story.

Even minimalism treats itself to a show-off touch. In Nu Egypt, an elongated 90’s-style silhouette is revamped by adding Egyptian decoration and Queen of the Nile jewelry. This is a more embellished version of the New Edge story.

Viva Italia plunges into a fanciful and glamorous world rich in color and motifs. It is the more baroque, Italian counterpart of the sexy stance of the Fatal Attraction story.   

Preppy Arty reinvents the youthful American wardrobe of the 50’s by using blurred pastel patterns to replace the traditional colors and motifs. This is a confirmation of the force of American influences in current fashion, through new designers as well as heritage.

In Indian Romance, minutely detailed folklore from Northern India is infused with a little English romanticism. This is a way of transposing the influences of the Soft Alternative story to more distant latitudes, as well as being a follow-up to the Floreal story of Summer 2011.

And last of all, Atacama provides a more minimal and chic follow-up to western inspirations. It joins a series of "solar-powered" stories inspired by desert landscapes. This is above all an easier take on the New Edge story.