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The Play Time story kicks off a resolutely sporty and modern season. It defines the outlines of a fresh, functional and fun wardrobe with  the light spirit of the Easy going story in mind.

Café Society breathes new life into resort themes by taking inspiration from the chic and androgynous style of the late thirties. It is a more graphic version of the nonchalant elegance in the Idyllic story.

Pop-Modern is the most glamorous story in this issue. It is based on playful prints inspired by Couture in the early eighties. It features the graphic simplicity of Easy going, but in a more pop and girly version.

Va va voom invents an early 40’s rockabilly look with not so sensible vintage references that even flirt with futuristic retro. It’s a more rock’n’roll interpretation of the forties influences in the Magnetic story.

Up There adds poetry to a pared-down wardrobe accompanying it with modernized and recolored exotic prints. It is a sleeker version of the romanticism of the Idyllic story.

Last of all, On Fire puts the spotlight on color harmonies based on vermilion, burgundy and coral, all in a sophisticated and sexy world. It transposes the deadly seductiveness of Magnetic onto another product area.