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Six stories for getting the spring-summer season underway.

The Sublimed and Intersections storiesfrom the summer 2014 Women’s FashionTrendbook direct this start to the season, the first with its modernized Couture references and purity, and the second due to its solutions for updating exoticism and folklore.

Fresh Start is emblematic of the season’s minimal and easy trend, it is a more casual version of the Sublimed story.

Talkin’ Latin combines exoticism and vintage glamor, it’s a Mediterranean takeon the Intersections story.

Well Bred outlines a refined trousseau style. It’s a variation on the Sublimed story in a more preppy context.

Puzzle is a bright, everyday, fantasy story that takes inspiration from Japan to update geometric motifs, and subscribes to the same logic as the revisited boubous in Intersections.

The aim of Modern Craft is to find a balance between design and folklore. This is a brighter and more modern version of the Intersections woman.

Last of all, in Splendor, the season’s Couture fabrics and shapes are toned down with more everyday silhouettes; this easier version combines the purity of Sublimed with the demonstrative attitude of Explosive.