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We start the book with the South Side story, which brings together two important elements of the season, the street inuence and omnipresent ounces. the Latino inspirations of the Summer 2015 Epicurean trend meet the energy of the Summer 2015 Impulse trend.

In Stencil, we see the follow-up to the very printed stories of previous seasons but in a calmer color version and simpler in terms of pattern. it develops the Japanese inuences in the Aesthete trend for Summer 2015.

Radical Prairie is the most authentic yet forward-looking story in this issue. it offers a more avant-garde evolution of grunge by taking loose shapes and the disheveled attitude towards a cleaner and more solid look. it is a preview of the more outdoor attitude in the Extreme trend for Winter 2015-16.

Undressed presents a pared-down aspect of the lingerie trend by channeling 90’s minimalism. this is the same pared-down appeal as in the Summer 2015 Aesthete trend and is also a follow-up to the Night dresses story in the Enlightenment trend for Winter 2014-15.

Meditarranea is the most cheerful and summery story in this issue. it features the hedonistic spirit of the Summer 2015 Epicurean trend, like a follow-up to the Intersections trend for Summer 2014, but with a more handcrafted and spontaneous edge.

Finally, in Tropical Modern we revisit the classic wardrobe in soft silks and comfortable shapes. it is a more nonchalant and opulent aspect of the Summer 2015 Epicurean trend.